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When will the site be ready? We'll launch the first version of Grasp in August 2017 and plan to focus our community building efforts first in Shanghai. So, if you're in Shanghai please make sure to join our mailing list now to receive all the perks that come along with being a first user!


So can I still use Grasp anywhere in the world? You can sign up and create an account, but there might not be any people in your area yet. At the moment, we're just starting to grow our community but have plans to expand quickly. Please join our mailing list now and let us know where you're located - as we'll focus our attention on popular areas that seek Grasp as a service. 


I'm a parent; can I find a teacher for my child? Primarily we're a peer-to-peer community, focused on helping those above the age of 18 make language connections for themselves.  Full community/safety guidelines will be available on the site when we launch. 


I want to charge 1,000 RMB per hour, is Grasp right for me? You can charge as much as you want. We do not restrict you from how much you think you're worth, because that is not for us to decide. Grasp is a community where its users have the power to set their own terms.


I don't want to pay/charge for lessons, can I do a language exchange? Of course! Just set your price to 0 RMB when you make a post.


Are there other languages besides Chinese and English? We've decided to start with these two languages first, but will add others as per the demand. 


What's the catch? Do I have to pay for this? No, not a cent. Now, and for the foreseeable future grasp is completely free for both students and teachers. As we grow our site and community we hope to offer premium services as well as learning resources to generate revenue. 


How do teachers get paid from their students? This is determined between you and your student before your first lesson. We do not handle payments.


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