Grasp on Slack

Free resources with our #Slack community

Our free resource sharing community currently uses Slack.  We think Slack is a great platform, however at first it might seem a tad overwhelming. Especially if you’re seeing the interface for the first time. When we got introduced to Slack, it took us some time to get used to it too. But once done, there’s no looking back. It’s real-time, it’s conversational and super-slick! 

Here’s some super useful tips that will help you use #Slack like a BOSS 😎


Image: Magoz

Image: Magoz

The Basics

You can use Slack in your browser, as an app on your desktop/laptop, or as an app on your phone/tablet📱

As soon as you click on our Invite link and get on board, first thing, set a profile photo. We’d love to put a face to your name 😄 

Next, go to the #lets-chat channel and tell us a little bit about yourself. Hello is a great place to begin and make way for amazing conversations 👋

Take your time to go through the list of channels. Explore and join the ones that interest you. 

Use the / command (just type in "/") to see what other cool things you can do, such as including GIFs 💃

You can also set a Status for yourself just like you would on WeChat/Whatsapp 💭

If you want to share a link, simply copy and paste the URL to Slack 🖇

Check out the Slack team settings. There's a lot of little tweaks you can make to ensure this Slack community works perfectly for you ❤️

The Channels

Image: Magoz

Image: Magoz

Channels are where all the messaging happens. Think of it as a chat room that you share with the entire community and discuss things that are relevant to that channel.

Here are some of our main channels:

#tedxesl - You can share & recommend all the good things you’ve read recently in this channel. This channel has ESL lessons, videos w/transcripts and activities related to TED Talks.

#english-teacher - If you need teacher training resources, this is the place! The idea behind having this channel is for us to support each other and have a conversation that always ends in encouragement for fellow teachers looking to improve.

#chinese-ebooks - We also have many Chinese #Slack channels from business, grammar, HSK, podcasts, quizzes, travel, vids, vocal and writing. Check it out!

#english-rss -RSS feeds from the best ESL sites. We also have channels related to business, grammar, IELTS, podcasts, travel, vids, vocab and writing.

#coffee-buddies - A bot named “Donut” helps to introduce people from a specific channel who don’t know each other well and encourage them to meet for :coffee:, :hamburger:, or :doughnut: via a group DM. We also encourage using the /coffeewifi app to recommend local coffee shops that give stats like Wifi signal, prices, ratings and locations nearby!