Top 5 (free) English Language Resources

Whether you're a teacher or a student it's a great idea to add extra to your lessons with learning aids. Here's our top 5.

There are thousands..

..if not BILLIONS! of people writing about learning English. So, it’s no surprise at how easy it is to get lost in all the noise. Here at Grasp, we have some favourite sites that offer free English lessons. We have broken down each resource into the respective areas of language learning (grammar, speaking, writing, listening and reading). Enjoy!

1.) Grammar

One of the best ways to learn grammar is through context. You might also hear that English grammar is pretty straightforward and has “rules”


There are no rules in English, only guidance. Some guidance looks like a rule; it probably isn’t.

The fact is, English is full of nuances which requires some explanation. That’s why we choose Grammarly.

  1. It checks for more than 400 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations.
  2. It's also an online grammar and spelling checker that improves communication by helping users find and correct writing mistakes.

2.) Speaking

How difficult can it be to find someone to practice speaking English with? (besides our solution). Nothing beats face-to-face communication when it comes to learning English, but we think ELSA Speaks makes the list when it comes to improving pronunciation exercises + being motivated through the use of gamification.

TL;DR the link

Claim: The best way to learn English conversation

What does it let me do? Speak English in short fun dialogues. 

What does it do for me? Get instant feedback from proprietary artificial intelligence technology. 

Feedback: Used over 40 million times and demonstrated amazing pronunciation improvements. 

Award: Winner of SxSW's Global Education Technology competition in 2016.

3. Writing

Nowadays, people text. They use their thumbs more than any other part of their body. So writing seems a bit old-fashioned, right? Wrong. Keep a journal. The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling (Why Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Many More Great Minds Recommend it)

…and what better way to get started than by practicing the 500 most commonly used words in the English Language

4 & 5.) Listening and Reading

One of the most common things I've heard is that listening comes first when learning a new language. So, if you're a movie fan such as myself I'd suggest Netflix with subtitles to start associating sounds to letters.

4 Ways to Use Netflix for Language Learning

  1. Search for content in your target language.
  2. Change content into your target language.
  3. Change the subtitles into the target language.
  4. Watch a foreign show with subtitles in the target language.

And for those interested in ESL discussion material based on TED Talks. Check out There are printable transcripts from the talks.


Before signing off here are some games. For creating quizzes, is excellent and we highly recommend it! Make sure to check out the Vocabulary Quiz, English Language Level, and E-learning English Course.

In addition to your online study, Grasp has a core belief that nothing beats face-to-face language lessons.

If you're looking for a student or teacher nearby make sure to check out our site @ 

If you're looking for a student or teacher nearby make sure to check out our site @ 

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